IMNOW 2009 (* Project ended in 2020)

In relatively short time a whole new social behavior along with new definitions of privacy, friendship and space changed completely. IMNOW WAS a participatory social web installation that portrays our new social behavior by creating a platform for an ongoing global discussion while exploring current definitions of space (public vs. private, physical vs. virtual,) and the use of language across different web-based social platforms, trying to identify the correlation between the platform and its particular etiquette and language.

IMNOW’s identity was composed of digital footprints across major social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, You Tube, Flickr, Ustream and Skype), that is manifested as a physical installation where visitors to the space are invited to get into the role of IMNOW and as such take charge of creating and developing IMNOW’s network and identity.

The installation space was composed of numerous human sized circular screens, placed in the space to create a sphere where all these mirrored identities are projected.

Visitors could interact and add content to IMNOW by: Following and adding followers and micro-blogging on Twitter

Communicating on Facebook
Blogging and administrating IMNOW’s website
Adding images to Flickr
Chatting via Skype
Adding videos to Youtube
Broadcasting/viewing live stream on USTREAM